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About Nij Vyas

Nij has been a dog trainer for 22 years working with all breeds of dog in many different areas from pet dog training, to behaviour consultations, sheepdog training and sheep socialisation. His experience has primarily developed through watching and studying adult dogs and puppies and where possible adopting a silent and calm approach. It is only too easy, when faced with a problem, to assume that the dog is always at fault however this can never bring about success. He prefers to look at his own failings and if his dogs make a mistake then he assumes that he must have played a part in this.

His approach to dog training is characterised by placing a greater emphasis on understanding rather than change and looking at the training process as a partnership. Nij’s first love is of Border Collie dogs which he has worked and trained for over 25 years and since competing in his first sheepdog trial in 1992 he has found success all over the UK, winning may open trials and championships and represented England at International level. He has been blessed with some great dogs but always looks forward to new challenges and new methods of working with dogs.

In July 2010 his first book “Sheepdog Training and Trials” was published by Crowood Press and feedback from both Border Collie owners and competitors as wells as owners of other dog breeds have remarked how useful the book as proved in managing their dog’s behaviour. The book has sold worldwide and been reprinted twice. It is also available as an E-Book.

In 2015 Nij launched a new DVD called “Practical Shepherding” which follows Todd and Mist over 18 months; from birth, their first time with sheep, and culminating in working on a sixty-acre park with a large flock. Whilst Mist lacks confidence early on, Todd is more feisty and challenging. The subject of gripping sheep, amongst many others, is discussed at length. There is something here for everyone.

This is the perfect accompaniment to Nij’s book