Beginner and Intermediate Classes

Offering a Unique Training Experience

Is free of charge when you enrol for the beginner course. We recommend your puppy is Kennel Cough Vaccinated. If in doubt please contact us or your vet. See puppy info link for more information.

8:00 – 8:30 pm Fridays at Oadby between September and May

Wednesday at Brockshill Country Park between June and September (the training days may change in the summer so please ring before coming)

Puppies experience a critical period between 4-12 weeks of age and in an ideal world puppies would be matched for age, aptitude, maturity and many other factors. Therefore it is common for puppies of different breeds that are the same age to be at different stages of development. It is what you do during a social encounter that is of greater importance.

This is an informal session where owners and dogs can familiarise themselves with the environment, people and other dogs. You can also enrol for the Beginners and chat to trainers about any concerns you may have as well as talk to other members.

Remember puppy training should be undertaken a soon as the vaccinations are complete and training should be geared to provide a non pressured and relaxed atmosphere. Early puppy socialisation and early training will ensure that your puppy grows up confident and does not pick up bad habits. Puppy socialisation is not a complex task but allowing a puppy to learn unhindered and without interference can be quite arduous for owners.

Failure to attend our socialisation class may have a bearing on the success you have in the Beginner Class

Free Lead and Collar Training

As part of our socialisation training we will offer a free service to owners to teach your dogs to accept the lead and collar. Most problems are caused during this period of training around 8-12 weeks of age.

7.00 – 8.00pm Fridays at Oadby – Does not apply to July-September course.

This is a 6 week course for any dog that is fully vaccinated. We recommend your puppy is Kennel Cough Vaccinated. If in doubt please contact us or your vet. Ideally all dogs on this course will be assessed prior to commencement and numbers are limited to enable trainers to focus on individuals. If you experience problems a short private consultation can be offered on request.

The maximum limit for dogs is set at 10, however, if we happen to be aware of difficult dogs in particular classes numbers will be restricted yet further. We do not believe in overloading ourselves and wish this experience to be a positive one for you and your dog. The general tutor – dog ratio is 1:4, however this may vary from time to time.

A summer outdoor training course at Brockshill Country Park, Oadby, is offered between June and September. We also offer outdoor training at other venues

Areas covered in the Beginner Class

Pulling on the lead
Sitting, lying down, stand (optional),
The beginner course will enable you to give your dog a well balanced, non – pressured learning experience resulting in a fruitful relation between dog and owner. However this course is only the beginning.

8.30- 9.30pm Thursdays at Gt Glen Village Hall
7:30 – 8:30 pm Wednesdays at Oadby

This is a 6 weeks course for people who have attended the Beginners course, and provides the opportunity for members to consolidate their training and to progress onto higher level exercises to enable a smooth transition into the advanced class.

Areas to be covered on the Intermediate one course

This class will firstly focus on:
consolidating the training done in the beginner class
work related exercises that will provide your dog will mental stimulation and decision making such as scent, retrieve, human scent, stop on recall, advanced stays up to two minutes, heal-work off the lead (where appropriate), clicker training (not routine).

There will also be an opportunity for members to participate in a Kennel club type “Good Citizen Test” whereby they can work towards the Bertie Foundation (click to download) (click to download) and Advanced certificated awards if desired.

8:30 – 9:30pm Fridays at Oadby only

This is a class for people who just want a night out with their dogs and have a little fun but also want to train their dogs to a higher level. The session focuses on more advanced exercises than Intermediate One, providing the dogs with valuable mental stimulation. There is however always always an element of fun. There will also be an opportunity for members to participate in a Kennel club type “Good Citizen Test”, if desired, whereby they can work towards the Bertie Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced (click to download) certificated awards.

Areas to be covered on Intermediate Two Course

Exercises will include:
human scent
stop on recall
advanced stays up to two minutes
heal-work off the lead
clicker training (not routine)
games nights, quiz’s and so on.

During the months of June through to September training will take place outdoors. The Oadby sessions will be held at Brockshill Country Park and The Church Langton sessions will be held at VTD. To allow for people going on holiday we may run two short (5/6 week courses in the summer). The day on which these courses are held may change so please contact us in advance. (back to course related questions)

Cost £25pp for a group of 5/6 people

These taster sessions will be offered to each Beginner and Intermediate classes at both venues and places will be restricted. If you are interested then please see Nij or Jo and book a place early.
The session will last 2 ½ hours and will include:
A demonstration of basic to advanced obedience required when walking your dog outdoors in the countryside
Practical applications of the above with sheep
A Short demonstration of how a pack of dogs function
A short demonstration of Nij and his Border Collies working sheep.
Understanding your dog’s natural abilities and learning about dog psychology
Advanced training: recall, whistle, stand down, pressure off technique etc
Non verbal signals to look for to enable you to deal with level one behaviour
Applications of dominance to achieve better behaviour and pack leader status – our methods are kind and not heavy handed

Have you ever wondered why your perfectly calm well behaved dog suddenly changes personality as soon as it sets foot outside your front door?
Many dogs behave uncharacteristically when outdoors and if you find that your daily walks are plagued with problems such as your dog running off into hedges or another field or after other dogs, rabbits, or even displays aggression towards other dogs then the following sessions are for you.
Following a thorough assessment of you and your dog’s needs we will offer the following sessions exploring the natural abilities of your dog and how to manage the difficulties when you are out and about in the wonderful British countryside.
A home visit lasting approximately 3 hours, working through your assessment and showing you various techniques designed to alleviate your problems
Three subsequent hour long sessions either at your home, local park or walk or at Saddington
The emphasis will not be on control, rather you will be taught the finer points, of what to expect during walks, how to predict problems and keep your dog safe and at the same time managing your own stress levels and maximising your enjoyment.


Significant discounts are offered for showing commitment to multiple dog training classes. Please be aware that training with kindness and empathy takes time to achieve. It is highly unlikely that attending just one 6 week term will lead to any significant improvements in obedience, behaviour or ensure their safety.

Beginner 1 Term £115 for 6 weeks – Oadby  (First 6 wks Fridays at 7:00-8:00 pm from September -May. Days may vary from June – August) – includes training pack and comprehensive online video series.
Beginner 2 Terms – £175 for 12 weeks – Oadby (Second 6 weeks – Mondays 7:00 – 8:00 pm)- includes training pack and comprehensive online video series.
Beginner 3 Terms – £210 for 18 weeks – Oadby – ( Either Mondays as above or Friday between 7:30 – 8:30 pm)- includes training pack and comprehensive online video series.

Intermediate One – Please use the same link as the beginner course above for 6 weeks. If you book this before end of week 4 the cost will be £75 payable by bank transfer or cash. Details on request.

Intermediate Two Fridays £50 for 6 weeks (Conditions apply)

REFUNDS – once a course has started a refund will not be forthcoming as you will have taken up a place which could have been offered to someone else. In exceptional circumstances and where clients have kept us informed, a place may be offered on the following course only. Refunds prior to the course will be offered, however, if you have been sent a training pack, attended our social sessions, or been offered advice, a reasonable deduction will be made.

The following deductions may be made:

Training pack – £5

Social session – £5 each

Advice – £5/contact


Over the last 10-15 years, it has become common practice for dogs to be spayed or castrated as early as 3-6 months. Historically Vets advised these procedures to be carried out after 12 months for males or after the first season for bitches. Many are returning to the old ways. Research has shown that there are many disadvantages to doing this too early and discussions should be had with your vet ascertaining both the advantage and disadvantages, not just of castrating early but to carry out the procedure in the first place. You should also do your own research online from reputable sources. In my experience, I have not noticed any benefits to early castration of male dogs under 12 months whilst females with nervous anxious tendencies have often become worse and more aggressive. Of course, an entire male can pose challenging behaviour but a high standard of training will help manage these.

The most important consideration to keep in mind when deciding if and at what age to neuter a dog is to consider all the health and disease information on an individual basis.

Information from Laura J Stanborn

Health Benefits from Neutering

  • Reduced risk (<1%) of dying from testicular cancer Reduced risk for non-cancerous prostate conditions (ie benign prostate hyperplasia)
  • Reduced risk for perianal fistulas Health Risks from Neutering Increased risk for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when neutered before 1 year of age.
  • Increased risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma Increased risk for hypothyroidism Increased risk for progressive geriatric cognitive impairment
  • Increased risk for obesity Increased risk for prostate cancer Increased risk for urinary tract cancers
  • Increased risk for orthopaedic disorders Increased risk for adverse reactions to vaccinations.
  • We now offer a FREE 10 minute one-one consultation to all new puppy owners to show you how to correctly lead & collar train your puppy.

    Many problems have their roots at this stage of training.

    Worried about vaccinations? Most problems are caused during this period of training around 8-12 weeks of age.

    Call us to discuss.

    Tel: 07530 439 561

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