Home Visit and One-One Training with Nij Vyas

Behaviour Consultations And Training

Asking any dog trainer or dog behavior consultant to visit your home for private dog training can be a significant undertaking, both financially and in terms of commitment. At Bertie Dog Training, we aim to provide a professional service with excellent value for money and unwavering support, both during and between sessions.

We understand the importance of delivering a top-quality service while being mindful of the current economic climate. We strive to ensure that our pricing remains fair and competitive without compromising the quality of our private dog training services. Our goal is to offer you an exceptional training experience that is both effective and affordable.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our private dog training options further, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you and provide the guidance you need to help your furry companion thrive.

Reasons for a Home Visit

People always learn more on a one-one. The majority of dangerous, aggressive or problem dogs I work with, the owners rarely complain that their dogs do not know how to sit, walk to heel to lie down. Problems are not caused due to lack of obedience but rather a lack of respect for the owner. To put it another way the dogs have learned to take advantage of their owners. Problems are often worse in a dog training club situation therefore trying to talk to owners when the dog is out of control makes for a very difficult session for owners. Many problems stem from the home situation including bad lead pullers and so the home should be the major focus of the solution.

I have worked with many owners who complain of dog-dog aggressive behaviour and in many cases the owners nervous behaviour has further fueled anxiety and protective behaviour in their dog. My sessions are geared toward building confidence, both with the owner and their dog. Please take a look at our reviews. <./reviews.php> Of course not every case is easy to resolve but my experience is that owners are rarely right in their evaluation of of the problem, which in itself becomes part of the problem. Dog training in home surroundings is the best way to start to tackle the problems described.

Many dog behavioural issues are fairly easy to resolve provided owners contact us at the onset however the trend tends to be for people to try and cope as best as they can, often leaving a problem untreated for up to twelve months plus. If in doubt please contact us to discuss the best way forward. We will ask you to complete an assessment form and offer an opinion free of charge so you have nothing to lose.

Our methods are modern and we do not condone physical correction, over-handling bullying, smacking or similar. The dog’s welfare is paramount in all our work and we teach you to understand your dog rather than place a greater emphasis on changing your dog.

We aim to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, whereby training is a partnership. Home Visits are undertaken to enable owners to cope with all difficult and potential problems, addressing the underlying issues.

If you have a young puppy
If you experience aggression or behaviour problems such as refusal from puppies or adult dogs
If you have a disability (Please note our venues are wheel-chair friendly)
If your dog experiences a trauma such a an accident or attack from another dog
If you take on a rescue dog or re-home a dog from a family member or friend
If you don’t like working as part of a group.

If you have a dog which has either developed problems or indeed is a rescue, a home visit is a must at the very onset of the problem. Don’t wait and hope it will go away. A problem that becomes established can often take up to 8 months to eradicate. Also the longer you wait the greater the stress you and your dog will have to endure. The age of the dog is immaterial, there is always hope. Less than 1% of dogs have to be put to sleep.
There are many problems which can be resolved quite quickly provided you act quickly or at the onset of the problems. In many cases by waiting you may inadvertently reinforce problem behaviour and make matters worse.

Home visits are very useful during the period before a puppy is vaccinated. This will enable you to start them them off on the right path from the very onset, especially if you have not owned a dog before. The experience of moving to the new home, teething, separation, lead training can all be very stressful to young puppies, therefore early intervention is crucial. Training a puppy early can have many benefits.
Many people wait until they experience problems before contacting us and this delay will in turn delay any consequent success. A Home Visit will enable you to feel in control of your puppy and to deal with some potentially very difficult encounters with confidence. When a new puppy comes into the home many owners will rely on their experience of dealing with problems from a human perspective. We, on the other hand, will teach you to “think dog” and consequently your dog will be less confused, thereby minimising stress.
The ability to “think dog” can also reduce the potential for stress or trauma in older dogs and improve your ability to cope.

All dogs will be assessed prior to visits and owners will be asked, where possible to complete a form. The answers will determine the areas covered. Undoubtedly it is not always easy to write everything down, therefore further discussion will also take place during the visit and specific areas explore. If other concerns reveal themselves during the visit, for example problems with another dog or relationship with another dog advice will be offered at no extra charge. Many dog problems are interrelated and it is good practice to cover all areas as a matter of course. In short we believe in a holistic approach, addressing all areas where problems can arise. We have found this to be a far more successful approach than simply addressing the apparent problem.
We aim to cover the following main areas governing dog behaviour although we reserve the right to deviate from this depending on the nature of the problem.
Diet & Nutrition
Socialisation & Phobias
Passive Resistance
Plus all other individual concerns

You will be given a folder and guidance notes from the visit so that you will have a reference point for all of the issues discussed. However all the information can be obtained in far greater detail by purchasing the book: Sheepdog Training and Trials

Prior to booking any sessions please read the following Terms and Conditions.

Cost of Private Training

Prior to making a payment please read our cancellation policy.

Our prices are affordable & the cost of a visit depends on the the type of help you require. Sometimes only a single visit for puppies (three hours) is necessary (£190) and other times 4 sessions (total of 6 hours), including a home visit is more appropriate (£275). The cost may vary depending on the number of dogs you have and if the estimated time is likely to be greater than the usual. All prices are with respect to local visits within Leicestershire only.  You should contact us for details if you live outside this area.

Which option is available will become clearer, in some cases, when an assessment is undertaken. Please contact us and a form will be emailed or posted to you. Training for adults that have not undertaken training or only undertaken limited training with levy a higher price due to the challenges of having to undo problems that have been created over a long time.

Payment not necessary on booking but will be required in advance of 7 days prior to the visit. Free ongoing support/advice/subsequent consultations are offered and will be discussed with you. There may be a charge for late payment of 10%.

Private training in the home, without assessment, for obedience will usually involve 4 sessions ranging from an hour to two hours depending on need. The cost will vary depending on your address, distance and travel time to and from your home. Prices will be discussed with you prior to booking based on information given to us.

Emergency or urgent visits on a one off basis will be charged at either £200 for puppies or £375 adults and will be invoiced to you.

Travel costs are inclusive however they are calculated on a one visit basis only. If further home visits are required an additional charge will be levied and discussed with you in advance. These will be kept reasonable and only cover cost of mileage covered.

Support and Success

For you to achieve success it is a must that you ask for help and advice whenever you need and you continue to keep me informed of progress. After a home visit is undertaken or series of visits you may be invited to attend support sessions, which will be free of charge held at the Oadby united Reformed Church from 8:00-8:30 on Fridays by arrangement or the Langton Community Centre, also between 8:00 – 8:30pm. All club courses will however incur the usual cost and will need to be booked as always on a first come basis.

In the event that you have booked a block of four sessions appointments will be offered either at the time of the visit or by email or telephone shortly afterwards. It is expected that clients will respond in a timely manner and if unable to keep appointments give good notice. If emails or phone calls are not responded to then appointments will be offered to other clients on the waiting list. If you need help or advice at any time please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email. We are happy to offer advice and support up to six months from the date of the first visit. Thereafter we will consider cases on merit. This only applies where clients have maintained contact with us and kept us informed of progress/problems.

We have been working with difficult dogs and puppies for over twenty years and over this time we have developed many techniques and methods to tackle some of the most complex problems. Our client testimonials demonstrate the high level of success and satisfied clients we have and we continue to receive recommendations from people not only in Leicestershire but nationally due to the unique services that we offer. Our priority is always to minimise the stress impact on the dogs and their owners and we teach you to understand your dog rather than emphasise changing them. If our assessment reveals that a visit is not appropriate we will inform you of this. We work with a limited client group and a waiting list is often applied.

Our ability to highlight problems and their cause/s
Our ability to put a plan of action into place to tackle the above issues
Your ability and willingness to practice several times a day the solutions identified
The nature of your dog’s problem
Your age in relation to the type of breed of dog you have e.g. an seventy five year old with the two year old German Shepherd or English Mastiff
Your ability to communicate any difficulties/problems you may experience as well as successes.
Realistic expectations – the process of training is far more important than the end result
The age of your dog
Any disability you or a family member may have
Belief in yourself and us to achieve positive outcomes. We don’t expect to fail!
A consistent approach.
90% hard work and 10% luck!

Although our dog training venues are in Leicester and Market Harborough we provide home visits nationally with respect to puppy training, as well as behaviour problems such as dog aggression.

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