Training Dogs The Bertie Way

The name Bertie Dog Training is synonymous with providing quality dog training services Nationally.
Our members have been returning for over twenty years
Our methods are modern and successful and dogs respond well to our empathetic approach
Our client care is second to none
We are experienced at dealing with both training and behaviour problems.
I consider our staff to be the best and most professional dog obedience trainers in Leicestershire
Our dog training methods are modern and innovative and we have 20 years of experience. (Please read our client reviews)
Our prices have been held since 2008
Enjoy generous discounts – loyalty is rewarded.

Our belief in what we practice and preach

Our Beginner class has 5/6 trainers between 10-12 clients which I am sure you will agree is a high ratio.
Are we confident in our dog training methods – Yes
The methods we apply during training sessions are the same we use to train and compete with our Border Collies who have achieved considerable success all over the UK.
The secrets to achieving success are:

• Belief and positive mental attitude
• Confidence and calmness
• A willingness to practice daily over many months
• Patience

We encourage members to stay for a minimum of two courses i.e. beginner and Intermediate one as during this time period your dog will undergo several changes and development stages. The training in the Intermediate class changes slightly to account for our dogs growing mentally stronger, becoming more challenging and coming to terms with their natural instincts. Simply attending one beginner course is nearly not enough. The longer you train your dog the better your bond with it will be.
Dogs that are easy during the beginner course may well become harder as they reach puberty. By staying on longer we will be in a better position to help, advise and support. you and your dog. A discount is offered to members who enrol for both courses in advance. (back to course related questions)

Fact – I deal with more clients who have problems with little dogs than large ones
Fact – Little dogs are far more spoilt than larger breeds
Fact – More medium to large dogs stay on for Intermediate and further training
Fact – I deal with more aggression from little dogs than big ones
Fact – Little dogs can use their legs and don’t need picking up all the time

Some of the best behaved dogs we have ever had in our Intermediate two class, not to mention the cutest, have been small breeds such as West Highland Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles. These however have been far and few. Increasingly, however more owners are staying on for subsequent classes and the results speak for themselves.

Control vs Understanding

I believe the main reason for wanting to training your dogs should be to provide it with mental stimulation. A dog whose mental welfare and working or natural instincts are catered for become naturally obedient and more loyal than dogs that are forced to comply through other means.
Our Intermediate two class is for owners who want to achieve the above. We teach you to understand your dogs, their needs and how you can best meet them.

Six weeks of training will not be enough to achieve full understanding of your dog, or control to ensure safety of your dog.  A longer term commitment is required over two to three courses or more, especially if you wish to achieve a positive bond with your dog. If you have not attended our social sessions then success in the beginners will be limited even more so.

We have been working with difficult dogs and puppies for over twenty years and over this time we have developed many techniques and methods to tackle some of the most complex problems. Our client testimonials demonstrate the high level of success and satisfied clients we have and we continue to receive recommendations from people not only in Leicestershire but nationally due to the unique services that we offer. Our priority is always to minimise the stress impact on the dogs and their owners and we teach you to understand your dogs rather than emphasise changing them. If our assessment reveals that a visit is not appropriate we will inform you of this. We work with a limited client group and a waiting list is often applied.

During the six week Beginner course you will experience success but this does not mean your dog will be fully trained and never pose any problems. Remember no child has ever gone to school and learned to read and write in a matter of a few weeks. It is our responsibility to make the training both simple and fun for you and your dog and your responsibility to practice all elements at least 4 times a day for 5-10 minutes every day, not just for the duration of the course but thereafter. If you find elements of training difficult, and this is normal, please ask for help.

Our ability to highlight problems and their cause/s
Our ability to put a plan of action into place to tackle the above issues
Your ability to practice several times a day the solutions identified
The nature of your dogs problem
Your age in relation to the type of breed of dog you have e.g. a seventy five year old with the two year old German Shepherd or English Mastiff
Your ability to communicate any difficulties/problems you may experience as well as successes.
Realistic expectations – the process of training is far more important than the end result
The age of your dog
Any disability you or a family member may have
How consistent and committed members are

It is always a good idea to involve children in the training and care of your puppy/dog however the main responsibility has to fall on the parents. You also need to weigh up the fact that what ever your dogs gets away with regarding bad behaviour with your children will strengthen their resolve to behave in a similar fashion even with adults. In other words inconsistent handling will lead to your dog demonstrating a disregard for you and your children. We totally discourage children taking dogs out on their own without the supervision of adults. Dogs that are physically stronger than children or adults will often have little regard for their handlers. Even well trained dogs can become a liability.

In the context of the club we encourage children to participate in the puppy training process however to ensure consistency it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with the training methods advocated by our trainers.
Where children undertake the training solely by themselves remember this process will take considerably longer than 7-14 weeks.

It is very difficult to ensure that puppies are matched for aged and even where we have restricted classes for 12-16 week old puppies we have found that some puppies were far more advanced and boisterous than others. Puppies from different breeds mature at different rates so the most practical solution we have come up with is to run dog training sessions whereby the adult dogs and puppies are in the same venue but separated, with our top dog trainers always on hand to offer help and support our members. To date this has proved successful.

Given appropriate training it is perfectly possible to achieve the following:

6 – 10 weeks – sit, stand and lie down without commands and short stay of up to 2/3 metres

10 – 16 weeks – stay of up to 5-10 metres

16 weeks – 28 weeks – stopping puppy at a short distance in sit, stand or down position with whistle or verbal command with good recall away from major distractions.

12 months – 20 months – all of the above plus reliable recalls with major distractions such as livestock, game etc. Instant downs-stand or sits on whistle or voice command.

The above guide is for dogs that are bred for work and some dog may well be easier and more obedient earlier especially with experienced handlers and the amount of time spent training.

There is no such thing as a basic dog and therefore only undertaking basic training over a few weeks will not be sufficient ensure your dog stays out of trouble , especially as it reaches 6 months plus (similar to teenage years in children)

In rare cases this is possible however because our training methods are unique members sometimes do not get the full benefits in bypassing the beginners. Once you have joined the beginners if we feel that the intermediates would be more suited to you and your dog then we would allow you to transfer. Please note greater support is available in our beginner class as the ratio of trainer to member is higher.

Club Course Cancellation policy – Once you have booked a place on our courses a refund will only be offered when a request is received at least  48 hours prior to the commencement of the course by telephone.  Cancellations by email or text are not acceptable. Our numbers are restricted to ensure quality training and we require enough time to ensure a place can be offered to members on our waiting list. We will however consider all cases on merit.

In extreme circumstances a place may be offered on subsequent courses at the discretion of our trainers provided it does not negatively impact on other members.

If you have not done so already, prior to making the payment, please ensure a booking form is completed on the “Enrol Here” page so we have your contact details. All new members are advised to attend our social sessions prior to the commencement of each course to ensure suitability and to enable us to address any early concerns/problems or difficulties. This will enable us to support and advise you before training begins. If you have not attended any social sessions and your dog/s is disruptive,  we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw and will suggest alternative ways in which to support you. This will only happen in very extreme circumstances where we feel the club course will not benefit you or your dog, or severely disadvantage other members. A refund will not be offered as you have taken up a place on the course which cannot be filled part way through but alternative training might be offered such as fast track or home visit at the appropriate price. All cases will be considered on merit as will a part refund.

Home Visits – Sessions may be cancelled and re-arranged provided I receive your instruction no less than 48 hours before the course time. Cancellations on the day of the session may incur the full cost of the session or result in a reduced subsequent session. Please be aware that Bertie Dog Training operate a waiting list system and only work with a limited client group in order to prioritise clients and maintain quality. To ensure we receive your message please telephone us and not email. Deposits will only be refunded where adequate notice is given.

Private one-one sessions – Refunds will be considered with respect to four sessions provided no cancellations have been made without giving adequate notice of at least 48 hours by telephone only. Where possible due to unforeseen circumstances alternate sessions will be offered for one-off cancellations only. When booking one-one sessions  the first session will levy a charge of 65% of the total fee due to requiring an assessment and for the detailed training packs which will be emailed to you. The second, third and fourth sessions will be discounted pro rata at 11.65% of the total. Where refunds are considered to be appropriate, you will receive Please note in any event any refunds are agreed they will be made will be as follows:

One session 11.65%
Two sessions 23%
Three sessions 35%


Where a discounted price is offered, if payment has not been received before the course/training has started, then the discount will no longer apply and the full price will have to be paid.


Government guidelines will be followed at all times. If you are in a lockdown area it is your responsibility to inform us and sessions will be re-arranged. If we are not informed in advance and we find out during a session, we reserve the right to cancel that session and you will forfeit that session with no extra session offered. If in doubt please ring in advance.

You may transfer between venues provided it is approriate to the neds of your dog and other members. decisions will be made on an individual basis. If you miss a session at a particular venue please do ask if you can repeat the session at another venue.

Terms and Conditions must be read prior to engaging in any sessions. Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions