Preventing Sheep Worrying

Teaching You and Your Dog to Understand Sheep

All Breeds Welcome

The problem of sheep worrying is very serious, yet with training and understanding you can continue to enjoy your walks in the countryside. The truth is that all dogs are capable of causing untold damage to livestock. We are unique in offering this type of training in a safe and controlled environment using the very same methods which train Border Collies and other herding breeds to work sheep. You will find the training experience to be educational and enjoyable. My approach to sheep socialisation is unique and is supported by complete notes and handouts on a number of related themes; such as dominance, obedience, recalls etc.

“A dog attack is costly to the livelihood of a livestock farmer. We estimate that two dog attacks in Suffolk in 2004, and the repercussions from them, cost around £4000 in treatments, lambing difficulties, poorly and late finishing lambs and difficulties getting the ewes in-lamb again.”

Facts About Sheep Worrying
  • Under the Animals Act 1971, a person acting to protect livestock may be able to kill or injure a dog that he/she reasonably believes is ‘worrying’ without incurring any criminal or civil liability.

  • As a dog owner, or a person for the time being in charge of a dog, you could be committing an offence if your pet worries livestock on agricultural land.

  • Worrying includes attacking or chasing livestock in a way that might reasonably be expected to cause injury or suffering.

  • It is also an offence to have a dog in a field or enclosed space where there are sheep when the dog is not on a lead or under close control.

  • As a dog owner or a person for the time being in charge of a dog, you could be committing an offence if your dog worries livestock on agricultural land.

  • Veterinary bills alone can leave a farmer substantially out of pocket and if livestock worrying is proved the dog owner or person in charge could be liable for damages and compensation.

A typical session will involve:

An assessment of your home situation and handling style

A brush up of basic obedience and explanation of techniques / theories to be used

An introduction to advanced handling techniques and whistle training, where appropriate

A controlled session in a field with sheep depending on standard achieved

What to Expect:

Only kind methods used

A better understanding of your dog

A better understanding of livestock

An understanding of how to react if your dogs gets into a field full of sheep/cattle

Folder containing notes / reading material

Honesty and a friendly, professional service


Sheep-social training will over 4 sessions – approximately 6 hours or 8 sessions – approximately 12 hours

You will also need to gain an understandng of how sheepdogs are trained to herd sheep becasue the vast majority of the training you need to undertake to ensure your dog is safe around livestock is exactly the same as that of training a sheepdog to herd. This knowledge and understanding is essential. A copy of Practical Shepherding DVD will be included into the price as well as reading material. The DVD also prepares you to cope in case of an eventualty that your dog does chase sheep and how to stop it.

Rural crime experts have recorded attacks on sheep by 27 different breeds of dog in North Wales over the past two years.