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Cap and Pip’s Early Training

The Perfect Partnership is a series of videos that were originally produced for a select market, for farmers and sheepdog enthusiasts. However it seems such a shame not to share our training techniques more widely to all breed owners. Particularly, as as there are so many commonalities between all breeds of dog as the share the same DNA. Consequently we have now made available two packages.

Puppy Training OnlineThe Perfect Partnership
Choose the Complete Series for £25 – 12 Months AccessChoose the Complete Series for £39.99 12 months Access
Buy Individual Chapters from £3 – £9Choose from 10 Individual Chapters from £3 – £10.50
Clicker Training – Training At Mealtimes -Lead and Collar Training – Kennel and Crate training
Achieving Perfect Recalls – Teaching the Stand & Down
Includes “Beginner Training – The Rudiments” as covered on our club training courses:
Leave it Exercise (Addressing chase problems)
One-Second Rule
Balancing (Heelwork)
The No Pull-Rule
Puppy Pushups (Sits & Downs)
The Perfect Partnership Trailer
Clicker Training
Training At Mealtimes
Lead and Collar Training
Kennel and Crate training
Achieving Perfect Recalls
Teaching the Stand & Down
First Time On Sheep Parts 1 and 2
The Beginning of a New Chapter
Includes First Time on Sheep – Dealing with Severe Chasing problems
What our clients say:
Jay Giles 22 February 2021 (verified owner – UK)  “Videos proving very insightful, subtle but significant differences
to the training I have been doing.
Just after a couple of days I’ve noticed a difference in the lead pulling and focus. Never realised that sniffing
reinforced the chase!” 
What our clients say:
Arnthor Jonsson (verified owner – Iceland) – 10th January 2021
Very good work, the fundamental of good working dog is obedience created with positive methods.

What if I don’t want to work my dog with sheep.

Many people have Border Collies but do not wish to train them to herd sheep. The same applies to owners of other breeds of dog. However the essential ingredients of working a dog with sheep are the”stop” and “recall” which are exactly the same as any pet dog with a high chase and prey drive, so the ability to achieve these quickly is a must. The Chapters on starting with sheep are just as relevant to non working dogs as working dogs because they all have the same instincts. Many of our clients report how our methods have helped them achieve success. When a collie can’t work sheep, it looks for substitutes and these can include: birds, squirrels, rabbits, cars treats or toys or any livestock. Our online sheepdog training course will enable you to strengthen your bond with your puppy and to achieve a good stop and recalls with them, ensuring their safety.