Jenny Coates – Veterinary Physiotherapist

Bertie Dog Training are pleased and proud to announce a new collaboration with Jenny Coates. Jenny has supported club members over the past year and looked after my dogs. The results have been have been tremendous, the diagnosis, accurate and the service very professional. My working dogs can be a bit of a handful but in Jenny’s hands they have full trust in her and I am sure they would give their endorsement to her.

My name is Jenny Coates and I am a qualified veterinary physiotherapist and canine massage therapist.  I treat working dogs, post-injury/surgery dogs, dogs with orthopaedic conditions and neurological conditions as well as older dogs with reduced mobility.  I teach two days a week at Nottingham Veterinary School on the Veterinary Physiotherapy MSc.

As a veterinary physiotherapist, I use a variety of techniques to help dogs feel more balanced, move more comfortably and recover from injury more efficiently.  I use the diagnosis provided by the dogs vet, gait analysis, static analysis and palpation to select the best way forward. 

Massage is the modality that I was first trained in and is an important tool for the physiotherapist.  I also use electrotherapies such as ultrasound and laser. These therapies can be used to optimise healing in acute and chronic conditions. They can also aid post-exercise recovery.  Exercise prescription is an important tool which helps to restore balance and reduce the incidence of injury in sporting dogs and encourages good movement patterns in recovering dogs.

I work with owners to develop a realistic and achievable home plan – we all want to do the best for our dogs but it must be easy to fit into daily life if it is to be successful.  Before my work with dogs, I was a sports coach and I now use my experience of writing training plans and strength and conditioning schedules for junior athletes to help dogs prepare for the sporting season or optimise recovery times.

Jenny with Hudson


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